Rondo Pools and Spas History

Rondo Pools and Spas was founded in 1983 by Robert Rondeau and is a true American Family Business success story. This story started in Lowell, Massachusetts as the famous “Blizzard of 1978” was bearing down on New England. It was that bitter cold winter that tipped the scales and resulted in the Rondeau family moving to the valley of the sun in the summer of 1979. With two young sons, Kevin and Steven Rondeau, it only took that first summer before Robert decided that building a swimming pool for his family was a great way to escape the hot Arizona summer. Little did he know that deciding to build that pool for his family would change the course of his family’s life.


Having worked in many different construction trades in his early years in New England, Robert was instantly intrigued with the pool building process. He really enjoyed watching the intricate build process take shape in his own backyard. This positive experience lead him to inquire about working for that company and shortly after, Robert started his career in the swimming pool construction industry. His first position in the industry was as a sales designer. His charismatic personality lead him to being the company’s top sales designers in his first year. After a couple more years of learning everything he could about the industry, Robert took the leap of faith and started Pools by Rondo in 1983.

Pools by Rondo early days was a home business with Robert and Judy Rondeau as the only two employees. The next few years brought success, a few employees, and moving the business from the living room to a leased office suite. In 1988, Robert took his next leap of faith and purchased a large property on Cave Creek Road so he could build an office and display pool. That move proved to be instrumental as over the next decade, “Pools by Rondo” became “Rondo Pools and Spas” as well as became one of the valley’s largest and most trusted pool builders. That decade also saw Roberts two young sons become two young men. After graduated from Arizona Universities, Kevin and Steven started working for the family business. Over the next decade the second generation Rondeau’s would learn every aspect of the business and help grow the business as Arizona’s economy continued to grow and thrive.

In 2004, after more than 20 years at the helm of Rondo Pools and Spas, Robert Rondeau decided to retire and the family business was officially transitioned from first to the second generation Rondeau family. Little did they know the next five years would bring about the most volatile years the industry had ever seen. The housing boom in the early 2000’s saw the pool industry triple in a matter of just a few years. Then, the subsequent “great recession”, saw it freefall decreasing by as much as 90% of its peak volume. As much as 75% of the active pool builders did not survive the recession. In fact, only 12 of the top 30 pool builders in 2005 are still in business today. Rondo Pools and Spas, is very proud that their reputation, experience, and hard work has enabled them to emerge from the recession as a stronger, more experienced company.

The latest chapter in the Rondo Pools and Spas history occurred in 2011, when Steven Rondeau and his family decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee. After more than 35 years in Arizona, Steven wanted to provide his family with the opportunity to experience a new environment and lifestyle. Lucky for the people of Tenn., because short after his move, Steve opened Rondo Pools – Tennessee. With his decades of experience, Steve has quickly gained the reputation for being the premier builder in the Nashville area. In the first two years, Steven built more than 50 projects and has shown the market what is possible in our industry.