Over the past three decades, Rondo Pools has perfected the process of designing, processing, and constructing Arizona’s finest poolscapes. We’ve taken the time to look at each phase of the process and make sure we are doing everything we can to ensure we are time efficient, customer focused, and quality oriented. We know that you will experience the difference when you choose Rondo Pools and Spas as your custom pool builder. Allow us to share with you some of the key phases of our process.

The Design Phase

Our design process typically begins with an on-site meeting with you, your family, and one of our experience design consultants. This meeting gives us the chance to get to know you, hear about your lifestyle, and get your ideas on how you envision your yard transforming with the addition of a new pool. This meeting also gives our designers the ability to see all the yard specific details to make sure that we design a pool that is both beautiful and functional.   We take the time measuring and reviewing your yard so our design takes into account the home architecture, yard elevations, and other specific yard challenges to make sure your pool project stands the test of time. As well as reviewing the site, our designer will take the time to discuss and educate you on the multitude of options available when designing a pool and backyard environment. We’ll show you concepts and designs to get a feel for your tastes, so we can design a project that will be sure to impress.

After we’ve completed the On-Site Interview, we take all that valuable information and go to work. Typically, for the Presentation meeting we ask you to visit our Award Winning Design Center. This gives you the chance to see the quality work we do, as well as see all the different materials and surface we feature in our design center showroom. Our design staff uses the latest in 3D Pool Design Software to design all of our pool and spa projects. We’ll immerse you into our 3D design concept of the pool and backyard environment we’ve created for you. Then we’ll take the time to thoroughly explain all the features and benefits and specific details of the project we’ve designed for you. Our goal is to design a pool that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations. While we hope that our first design hits the nail on the head, we know that it may not. Not to worry, we will work with you to make any changes needed to insure you are completely satisfied with the project we are planning for you and your family. We will do everything we can to become your trusted partner with your new pool project.

The Pre-Construction Phase

Our first step in preparing your project for our construction team is the Sales Draft Prep. During this phase our designer takes the approved design concept and prepares all the plans and paperwork for our drafting and processing team. They create a 2D design layout that specifies all of the finite details of the project. This insures that all the expectations discussed during the design process are relayed to our processing team so they can be detailed properly on the final construction plan.

The next step is to schedule our Layout technician to stake out the pool design in the yard. During the pre-construction process, we layout the pool earlier than many of our competitors. We have found this to be a very beneficial strategy.   Our layout technician not only stakes out the pool, but he also checks yard measurements, shoots yard grade elevations, verifies fence locations, and takes photographs of the yard. We take all this valuable information and use it as we prepare our initial construction plan and permit applications. This process has helped us overcome challenges that, if not discovered early, could result in potential delays and rework. This process insures we start our drafting phase with the most accurate information available.

One of the most important tools to help create a quality pool and spa project is a high quality, well-detailed construction plan. At Rondo Pools and Spas, we are proud to have the reputation of creating the most accurate, high-quality construction plans in the industry. Because we have built more than 10,000 pools in the valley, we have used that experience to fine tune our construction plans and specific feature details to insure all our trade partners can accurately execute constructing our projects. During the drafting and processing phase, our processing team will create an initial construction plan along detailing all the specific scopes of work for each of our trade partners to insure all expectations are being met.

This phase is one that we believe most separates Rondo Pools’ front-end process from our competitors.   For most companies, the first time a construction superintendent sees a yard or a plan for a pool they are building is when the pool is on schedule to excavate. At Rondo Pools, we schedule a phase before construction to have our superintendents visit the site with the initial construction plan in hand. This visit gives them the opportunity to make sure the layout is accurate and review the yard for any construction related concerns or challenges. They’re also given the chance to review the initial construction plan and details to provide feedback or ask for clarification on specific custom items. This valuable information they provide is given back to our processing team so they can incorporate their feedback into our final construction plan. We firmly believe this extra step has helped us identify and avoid countless construction related challenge and delays through the years.

Our final step in our pre-construction process is focused on our customers. Our Sales Final Review is an opportunity to sit down again with your designer to review all the details of the project. Along with the fun of picking out all the colors, tiles, and materials that we’ll use to create your beautiful pool project, we’ll review the final construction plan and details. This phase is focused on making sure our plans and details align with your expectations. We have found that setting good expectations is the most important factor to make sure you are completely satisfied with your pool and your experience with Rondo Pools. This final pre-construction meeting allows us to make sure we are providing our construction team with the highest quality information and sets the stage for a smooth construction process.

The Construction Phase

There are several factors that have enabled Rondo Pools to earn the reputation as Arizona’s Premier Custom Pool and Spas Specialist. While our process starts with our amazing design team, it’s our construction team that turns the drawings and concepts into reality. Our focus on building a truly great construction team and construction management systems has enabled us to consistently deliver superior projects time and time again. One of the keys to our success is that we have fostered relationships with the industries finest trade partners. Many of our trade partners have been working with us for decades and it is this experience of working together that helps us maintain the high level of execution when building complicated projects.

We have also been honored to have really talented and experienced staff join our company. All of our superintendents have a minimum of 10 years’ of building experience and are all qualified to build highly complex pool projects. With quality craftsmen and supervision, the key to putting it all together is efficient project coordination. To meet our goals, Rondo Pools has created custom construction management software to efficiently monitor all of our projects. This software enables us to effectively track each project from the initial processing phase through the project’s completion. We are able to coordinate all schedules with our trade partners which helps us keep our customers informed.

Rondo’s commitment to customer care is unparalleled. We have learned that consistent and accurate communication has always been a key factor in keeping our clients happy throughout the process. To achieve this high level of communication for all of our clients, we have incorporated “Customer Care Representatives” into our team. With the help of our customer care representatives, we strive to keep you well informed at every step of the process. From the first day to the last and every day in between, we’ll be there to make sure your experience with Rondo is an enjoyable one.

It’s always important to build a truly great product. However, many companies forget that it’s taking care of your clients through the life of their pool that will keep them happy. It’s our happiest clients that refer their friends and neighbors and coming back to build again. At Rondo, we pride ourselves on taking care of our clients service and warranty needs just like we do during the building process. Our Customer Care Representatives make sure our clients get good information and communication when the need to schedule a repair or service call arises. We want you to have the confidence that your happiness will be our priority throughout the life of your pool.